Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tidying Up My School Bag

I have been so frustrated with my school bag, I pack it full at the end of the day throw it over my shoulder then in the back seat.  (FYI:Over the past year, I've made it part of my morning routine to make sure my school bag and purse go in the back seat. I've seen to many bad things about kids being left in hot cars, anyway, just my way of staying safe with my little one.) Important papers, IEPs, binders, and notebooks have a tendency of getting crushed and wrinkled. Plus, I often have to pull everything out to find what I need to work with. Urrghh.... it's just a HOT MESS!  

When I consulted the Oracle oh, I mean...Pinterest.... I found a plethora of ideas,  using the 31 Utility Tote & a medium size filing bin, which just happens to be the same bag that I use for school! I got it as a teacher gift a year or so ago.  I went on a hunt to the local thrift and consignment shops to find a medium size file crate, unfortunately, I didn't have any luck. I found a few things at office max  that I wasn't quite thrilled about. Ultimately, I found the perfect file bin at, you guessed it, Target for 10$.  I just added the hanging folders I had on hand, which I haven't labeled yet.

I love that my planner and lesson plan binder fit PERFECTLY. If you look closely enough you can see that there is still plenty of room for my pencil pouch on the side and of course there are plenty of pockets to carry everything! Using the filing crate makes it SUPER DUPER EASY to change bags, when they need to go in the wash.  :)  

You can purchase a 31 Utility Tote and Fold-N-File HERE from my dear friend Nicole, who just happens to be one of  my favorite inclusion teachers!  :) 

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Happy Organizing! 


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  1. Tidying up your school bag is a great idea. In many cases it might even boost your performance. I know it from my own experience - whenever I tidy up my working space, sorting out all the samples and removing all useless trifles, my productivty doubles or even triples.