Sunday, August 2, 2015

Social Skills are Not Just for Special Education

I began taking classes last fall, at The College of William and Mary, to add the Talented and Gifted Endorsement to my teaching license.  In total I have to take 4 classes but I only took 2, which, will be enough to get a provisional licence if a position open up in my division. I may take another class in the spring, but we will see what the year brings 

Anyway, I have worked with numerous students who have been identified as Twice Exceptional, meaning they have been identified as a Gifted and Talented Learner with a Disability (i.e. ADHA, ASD, OHI,and SLD).

I know many in the gifted community may frown that I often put Gifted students in the same category with Special education, bottom line is regardless if IQ, both groups of students need SPECIALLY DESIGNED INSTRUCTION to ACCESS and PROGRESS in the curriculum. With that said both groups of students often face many of the same social and emotional issues as they go through school. They often struggle with acceptance, peers relationships and being different.

I love to use picture books to help aide my social skills instructions. my students often do well when they can relate to characters in a book. One of my favorite  picture books  is Odd Velvet , written by Mary Whitcomb.  It is a cute story about an unusual girl named Velvet who often does things very differently. The other students call her Odd Velvet. It is VERY CUTE Story! 

I created Odd Velvet Social Skills Activities and Discussion Questions that can be used as mini lessons. They are perfect to utilize during class meeting times or small group social skills or counseling sessions. They can be completed over the course of 5 consecutive days or they can be utilized independently to address a specific needs with your class or group of students. Each activity should take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete the activity sheets and discuss the questions. You can find the pack HERE at TpT. 


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