Friday, August 14, 2015


In the spring, my sister in law shared an article about her Elementary School in Whitney Point, NY. The elementary students participated in a reading challenge and set a goal to read 30,000 books. The students not only reached their goal but exceeded it by 13,000 books for a total of 43,000 books. The program lasted from November to May. You can watch the news coverage here!

 I was in awe and completely inspired to get more students excited about reading at my school. Many teachers already assign 20 min of reading each night for homework.....I thought, why not give them a little more incentive to read.  With the inspiration of my newest co-teacher, I threw together this Camp Out With S'More Books Reading Incentive Program and Million Minute Reading Challenge . The last few days I have just been so "In-Tents" with this project, I can Bear-ly contain my excitement and I've decided to give it away!   Enter My giveaway for your free copy!

I created calendars for students to color in each night they read. When they turn in their calendar every month, they will get some incentives such as a pencil, book mark, stickers, maybe a gift card for the book fair. The options are almost limitless.

Our Goal is for Grades 3-5 to collectively read 1,000,000 Minutes. We are still working on the logistics of it all but I will keep you posted as we go along! 

I plan to write a grant to provide reading charms for those students who read monthly and turn in their signed calendar.  I found this website, Fitness Finders, to order reading charms. 

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I'd love to hear if your school participates in a reading incentive program..

Happy Reading!!

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