Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm Back & Better Than Ever!

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was September of 2013.  My life has been Topsy-turvy the last two years, my husband and I welcomed a new baby to our family. I took a break from blogging due to pregnancy complications and just adjusting to a family of three. Anyway, I am super glad to be back. I’m feeling better than ever.

I know this school year 2014-2015 has come to an end but I am rather exited for my new changes for next year. I will be going back down to third grade, where I will continue to loop with my students until they leave for the middle school.  I know many folks have mixed feelings about looping-I LOVE IT! As a special education teacher, I am better able to bridge my students learning and fill in the academic gaps as I get to know their personalities and how they learn best. J Plus, third grade is kind of fun too.

I have been pinning a few ideas to my board “Ideas for Next Year” and I hope to get a few projects completed this summer with the help (lol) of my energetic 1 year old. 


  1. Congrats on your new addition! Best of luck looping! I did it once with great success! There are lots of perks. :)