Monday, August 12, 2013

Office Chair Chaos

Ok. So last week I was inspired from yuppers-you guessed it- PINTEREST!  OMG, I am so addicted I mean Pinterest and TpT  who can get enough  of them. As my friend Kerry called it 'Pintervention', Well, I certainly need a support  

I grabbed my husband's handy dandy tool box, my guided reading chair and my chevron fabric planning to conquer what I thought was going to be a quick project.  Yeah right- what was I thinking?

As I was taking apart the chair I ran into a few complications. This quick project turned into a monstrosity. I had anticipated removing the plastic covers and attaching fabric on top with a staple gun, but most of the plastic covers were unable to be removed. I unscrewed about a million screws to find out you can't take all the plastic covers off!!  :(  I was determined to cover the chair no matter how long it took even after a little 5 year old pouting session and I mean a pouting session.  I was able to carefully pry back the plastic using a butter knife and stuff the fabric inside. I was able to staple it in a few places. When it was all said and done it only took a whopping 2.5-3 hours of wrestling with the chair. Mission Accomplished-I now have a beautiful recovered chair!  :) 

A friend of mine from Empowering Great Minds also recovered her chair.  Her's is really super cute and she also made a little tutorial here.

 You can also find the website that inspired us with a tutorial from Diane from In my own Style here.

Tada!!!  Here are the before and after photos! 
Before-Plain old ugly blue chair! 
After :) Lovely Chevron Chair!
It's going to look perfect at my guided reading table! 

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