Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last minute projects & decisions, decisions, decisions

So with only 10 9 days left of the summer, I am trying to cram in a few last minute classroom projects and a few home projects. Over the last couple days I made a few four stops to Joann's and Lowe's. I am so indecisive sometimes.  I literally stood in the paint section today for 35 min trying to decide on a color.  Really?? What is wrong with me? I was so overwhelmed but finally I was able to narrow it down and commit to two colors of spray paint. :)   Hopefully, the weather cooperates so I can finish this project before the week ends. I would have loved to start today but the other materials are locked in my classroom. :(

On another note, I just love teacher appreciation coupons and discounts what better way to purchase fabric for classroom bulletin boards or other classroom crafts.  I used my 40% off coupon to buy the chevron fabric below.  :)  If you haven't already signed up for Joann's discounts, you really should you can save 15% on all purchases and you can opt to receive coupons via flier, email/text message.

Love this! 
"A penny saved is a penny earned." Benjamin Franklin

 I was so excited to score cupcake duct tape at Michael's. 

I am going to keep these projects a surprise because I am just so excited about them. Keeping my fingers crossed mother nature cooperates this week and I get one day of sunshine so I can paint, paint paint.

Toodles! I'm off to create and I don't want to keep anyone waiting too long!


  1. I am making a Joann's run this weekend! I'm so excited for their new teacher program. I'll be like a kid in the candy store even if I don't really "need" anything at the moment. Welcome to the world of blogging! :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Thanks! :)