Thursday, July 25, 2013

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos- Yuppers, that is what I'm calling my classroom! On one hand,  floors are waxed  and ready for the pitter-patter of not so little feet, but, on the other the other I have just realized that summer is almost as far away as yesterday. Actually with a few weeks to organize, I am trying to think of more effective ways utilize the small space that I call my classroom.  I teach special education and often pull medium sized groups to my class to provide specially designed instruction and testing accomodations.   I have been looping with my caseload the last few years and they are finally 5th graders. I am excited but with the possibility of Thirteen (Yikes-13!!)  5th graders in my teeny tiny room I need to come up with a better arrangement.

   I wish I remembered to take a photo of my cluttered Chaos. It is always amazing how crazily things get packed and boxed up at the end of the year.  I have have numerous plastic bins with drawers and some rolling shelves but other than that I don't have too much besides a macaroni table, a round table and a rectangular table with 2 student computers. Then add all the other things like rolling guided reading cart,  worm watcher(Yes-I've got  Actually, I guess I do have a lot in my little room-Must mean it's time to Purge!!

I just really want this year to be special since this is the last year with this specific group of students! They will head off to the middle school next year.

Any suggestions on how to make it super cute but not so elementaryish?

What ways do you save space in your classroom? And how do you spice up your theme if you loop with your kids?


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